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Interior painting is not solely about switching colors. There is a lot of care and detail that goes into the work we provide our customers. Some of the services we offer are as follows:
Interior Painting Residential

As homeowners, we can understand that hiring painting contractors and inviting them into your home is an act of trust. We know, we started with the painting of the interior of homes. We have the know-how on what it takes to get the job done right. Depending on what each customer’s job consist of various preparation techniques are considered prior to applying any type of paint on any interior surfaces. Our painters will ensure that all surfaces and home items are handled with care and protected properly before initiating their work. Our painting experts use quality paints and proper techniques to ensure that all work go smoothly and satisfactory.

Aside from basic painting methods such as plastering, taping, spackling and sanding we offer a variety of different techniques /finishes such as:

Accents and Designs
  • Painting Of One or More Walls in a Different Color
  • Horizontal and Vertical Lines (multiple tones)
  • Stenciling – Mural Installations
  • And much more
High End Painting

We boast in our high quality of work and our special attention to detail but we also cater to those home owners that are looking for a «flawless finish». These are the homes that have intricate wood work such as wainscoting, crown and picture moldings; cathedral ceilings and decorative plastering. We work with all types of homes: classic, modern and contemporary styles. We understand the delicacy in which such homes would need to be handled and equip our painters with the same mutual respect for them.

Just like our standard interior painting we also offer custom glazing and finishing techniques, like the following:

Custom Glazing, Textured finishes and Faux finishes
  • Simple Ragging and Sponging Techniques
  • Antiquing Techniques
  • Color Washing
  • And much more

OUR SERVICESWallpaper Installation

We specialize in removing and installing all types of wallpaper. When removing and installing wall covering we ensure that the surface is properly prepared for the new wallpaper or fresh coat of paint by removing all old glue and spackling and plastering for a smooth finish. The following are some of the wallpaper types that we work with but are not limited to:
Borders come in a wide variety of designs and widths. They can be installed in combination with wallpaper or directly on painted surfaces. Wallpaper Borders are used for many applications such as a chair rail, along ceiling lines, along baseboards, around doors, and windows.
Vinyl Wallpapers
Many types of wallpaper on the market today are vinyl coated. Vinyl Wallpapers are the most widely and commonly used. Vinyl wallpapers can be installed in any room in your home.
Grass-Cloth Wallpaper
Grass-cloth wallpaper brings a truly unique look and feel to your walls. These natural woven wall coverings are an environmentally friendly option that add intrigue and sophistication to your walls.
And many more

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Kitchen cabinet refinishing is a simple and elegant way of revitalizing your cabinets. We give them a brand new look without you having to pay a lofty price, purchasing new cabinets. They can be given a fresh lift by:
Hardwood Floors

We now offer Hardwood Installation and Refinishing to complement our painting services. Our crew has over 15 years of experience, so we can customize any painting project to suit your needs. If you would like to know more please follow the link to our Hardwood Installation and Refinishing section.

Please take the time to browse through our separate Hardwood Floors section that is located under Services.



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