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Looking to re-vamp your home without having to replace siding at a high cost? Are you tired of looking at cracked, peeling, faded paint every time you drive up to your home? There is a solution, restoring the exterior of your home through paint. Oasis Painting offers different preparation solutions for every project. Depending on the present condition of your home, we can offer:
Scrapping/ Fade Sanding (Staining and Painting)
  • Scrapping the exterior of your home mainly consist of removing certain areas of peeling paint and fade sanding on the areas to achieve a smooth finish. We can either paint or stain depending on the current substances that your home has. All of this can be determined by meeting with one of our experts.
  • These scrapping techniques can be used on all types of wood siding (shingles, cedar, clapboard, asbestos, etc) as well as other building structures such as Stucco, Cement, Cinder block, etc.
Stripping (Staining and Painting)

Stripping the exterior of your home mainly consists of removing all paint using a HEPA VAC Equipment. By stripping the wood (cedar shingles, clapboard, siding) along with other parts of the home, such as woodwork, windows and doors; you can bring it down to its original state and start painting on a clean surface. Again, depending on what the customer prefers and what the status of the wood is, we can either paint or stain it.

Exterior Accents
  • Exterior accents are a very common way of enhancing the appeal of your home. By adding different colors in different locations of your home you can bring it to life. For example, adding a different color to doors, shutters and smaller moldings if any can make all the difference. By talking to one of our experts, we can see what combinations best fit your style of home and more importantly your character.
  • Oasis Painting over the years has restored many of what experts call “Painted Ladies”. Painted Ladies are Victorian and Edwardian period homes that use a scheme with 6 or more colors. The scheme of 6 colors or more is used to enhance the architectural details. These techniques are used till this very day to restore these beautiful homes.
Decks and Porches (Staining and Painting)

Decks can be scrapped or stripped depending upon the condition it is in and then painted or stained. The majority of home owners like to use a stain to enhance the natural grain of the wood chosen and seal and protect the wood from weathering.

Full Exterior Painting & Carpentry

Power Washing
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Wood Refinishing
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Aluminum & Vinyl Siding Painting

Many have asked the question: Can aluminum siding be painted? The answer is Yes. For years now, homeowners are not aware that they can paint their old, faded, worn and discolored aluminum siding. These homeowners have gone to the solution of replacing it. Aluminum siding doesn’t have to be replaced; it can be painted like other housing materials. There is a right way to do it and we know how. We practice the right preparation techniques and use the correct products that will leave your house looking radiant.

Please take the time to browse through our separate Aluminum & Vinyl Siding Painting section that is located under Services.

Carpentry (Interior & Exterior)

Carpentry is a well-known skill trade. The carpenter’s primary work is of cutting, shaping and the installation of building materials during the construction phase of a project. Oasis Painting learned that a skilled trade like carpentry would go hand in hand with a custom trade like painting. In this union of trades it gave us the ability to enhance our customer service by adding carpentry services. We have a crew of very skilled and experienced carpenters that can do anything from repairing rotted wood to building decks and porches. We can provide carpentry services for both the interior and the exterior of homes.

Please take the time to browse through our separate Carpentry section that is located under Services



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