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Is it possible to paint vinyl and aluminum siding successfully?

The answer is Yes. For over years now, homeowners have been scared of painting their old, faded, worn and discolored aluminum siding. These homeowners have gone to the solution of replacing it. Aluminum siding doesn’t have to be replaced, it can be painted just like other housing material out there. There is a right way to do it and we know how. We practice the right prep technique and use the correct product that will leave your house looking radiant.

Back 50 years ago, when Aluminum Siding was first introduced in the market, it was “touted” as a long- lasting, maintenance- free alternative to traditional sidings such as the clapboard and wood shingles. But like everything else in life, aluminum siding needs to be taken care of and maintained. Aluminum Siding is a rot proof, waterproof, corrosion- resistant and is able to withstand through the years of weather and elements exposure, but the same cannot be said about the “fine layer of paint that’s stands between the siding and the rest of the world”.

Owning a home can be very costly, and replacing an entire Aluminum Siding house can be very expensive. But if you use Oasis Painting, a Company that specializes in Aluminum Siding Re-finishes for over 12 years, you will not only be 100% satisfied with the high quality ending results, but will save money.

Some advantages of having aluminum siding are:



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